Thursday, December 18, 2008

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OH my god..!!

Wonderfully crafted

Amazing fine carving..

Amazing work of rock....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend ...recession's terror attack..

I witnessed the " BLACK FRIDAY" right here my workstation..when we saw the recession's attack on us... helpless you feel for the people who are being retrenched and the fear of loosing your own job....we have only been hoping that the market starts to look up and that we can all breathe normally and our blood pressures remain in control...The government is very visibly failing at every security,economic security...Failing at Just about every thing that you can expect from them...!!how come people who took the decision of expanding the team beyond a optimum size are not effected but the team members are facing burnt of the recession...!!but no point playing the blame game..its too late.. we lost some very good team members and I am unable to do any thing for them makes me feel even more guiltier that ever... have been trying for their jobs every where but the only answer I have been hearing so far was a "NO VACANCY"...there is also so much of insecurity in the people who are still there ...!!
Some one suggest a solution!!i am just hoping for a miracle or may be a overnight transformation by barack obama....none of which looks like reality..think of some great ideas readers.. I have a numb brain right nothing is comming out of it now ....!!may be in the next post i wud be pouring all my ideas..